Exploring a major current issue with a unique setting in today’s world, this book is offering practical tools, and differs by its pragmatism and spirit of sharing around Coaching.

Establishing 50 tools, arranged sequentially to the natural Coaching process, this book is intended for Coaches, Experts in Talent Management, Leaders, Psychologists, Academics and for everyone who is interested in development based performance in effective Coaching practices. These tools have been implemented by João Alberto Catalão and Ana Teresa Penim in Coaching processes with leaders and professionals, within internationally highly competitive contexts.

This book includes International Contributes from:

Ana Giovanoni, Tina Dias, Saima Butt, Damian Goldvarg, Margaret “Meg” Mann,  Mark Brown, Catherine Tanneau,  Ram S. Ramanathan, Lisa Bloom, Raja Yousif Al-Laho,  Laura Fierro Evans, André Ribeiro, Cris Carvalho, Leonardo Ravier.